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Keep Your Children Safe

Basic Safety Tips

When street proofing your children, the following safety tips should always be a part of the conversation.

  1. Never approach a stranger.
  2. Stay away from vehicles you do not know.
  3. Be wary of strangers who are overly friendly or take an unusual interest in you.
  4. You can go places and accept things from people you know, but first get your parents permission and tell them where you are going, who you are with, and when you will return home.
  5. Avoid potentially dangerous places such as secluded areas in parks, school yards after school is finished, alleyways, lane ways, and empty parking lots.
  6. Never get into a stranger's vehicle.
  7. Never engage in conversation with a stranger who is walking or driving a vehicle. Always stay back a safe distance and continue walking while being aware of the stranger's actions.
  8. If you are ever confronted by a stranger, do whatever it takes to break free, such as loud screams, biting, kicking, and rolling on the ground.
  9. Never accept gifts, money, or candy from a stranger.
  10. Always walk to and from school with brothers, sisters, or friends.
  11. Whenever possible, if approached, try to remember the licence plate number, vehicle description, and the stranger's description.
  12. Contact the police as soon as possible for assistance by calling 911.

Basic Rule: Say no, get away, and tell someone you trust

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