Home Safety

A home security audit is the best way to identify weak points in your physical security. Take the time to evaluate your home not from an aesthetic point of view, but from that of a criminal. Completing a home security audit will force you to think of the ways in which you and your family are vulnerable.

Lock it or Lose it!

Please keep all doors locked, even when you are at home. It is easy for someone to quickly come in your front door while you are in the back yard working in the garden. Anywhere you keep valuables should be locked. This includes garages, sheds, vehicles and of course your house or apartment.

Put it Away

Don't leave anything out in plain sight, inviting individuals to walk off with your property. This would include bicycles, tools or any other valuable items. Keep garage doors closed unless you are in the immediate area. Leaving the garage door open is like leaving your property out on the front lawn. Property crime can occur in seconds.

Also remember to not leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle. Even if it is locked, your vehicle can be entered quickly. Take those laptops and cell phones into the house with you!


Assess you outdoor lighting and consider if it effectively lights up potential entry points to your residence, garage, or shed. Motion lights can be an effective deterrent but ensure they are installed properly so they can not be tampered with. Consider using timers for your indoor lighting so lights are not left on during the day when you are away.

Maintain a Clear View

Try not to allow items to obscure the view to entry points such as doors and windows. This would include vegetation such as hedges or large plants. These obstructions create a hiding place for someone trying to gain entry to your residence.

Use Neighbourhood Watch Principles

Communicate with your neighbours as they can be your best ally in the fight against property crime. Be sure your neighbours are aware of your daily routine. This will aid them in noticing suspicious activity. If you are away on a trip ask your neighbour to do some of the following things; check your property, collect your mail, park a second vehicle in your driveway so there is the perception of someone coming and going, take out or bring in trash and, if you are away for an extended period, put some of their trash at your curbside on garbage pick up day.

Crime prevention is a matter of common sense. Lock it up and put it away!

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