Elder Abuse

What is Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is the mistreatment of an older adult by someone that they should be able to rely on; a spouse, a child, another family member, or even a friend.

Do you know someone who is...

  • being physically and/or verbally mistreated by someone they rely on?
  • having difficulty keeping their money safe?
  • being threatened or humiliated?
  • not receiving enough food or medical attention?
  • is experiencing conflict?


Community Care Access Centre The Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre (WWCCAC) offers a wide range of community based health services such as in-home professional health care services, support services and case management. They assist all ages to return home from hospital, avoid a hospital stay or remain at home. They work with clients and their caregivers to assist with the placement process to a long-term care home should that be required.

Waterloo Region Committee on Elder Abuse is volunteer committee to promote public awareness of elder abuse in our community through education and promoting healthy aging.

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