What is Bullying?

  • Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour.
  • Involves one person feeling less powerful, smaller, or not as important.
  • The behaviour is done again and again or it can be done again and again.

Three types of bullying

  1. With words - teasing, name calling, rude or sexual comments, threatening to hurt you or someone else you care for or your things.
  2. Social bullying - leaving someone out on purpose, spreading rumours, or changing the way someone thinks about you.
  3. Physical bullying - hurting your body or things.

Differences between bullying and Cyberbullying


  • Face to Face
  • Can find a safe space or escape
  • Limited to onlookers
  • Bully can be identified
  • Can see facial and body reaction of target and onlookers
  • Limited to the immediate space around you


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days  per year
  • No safe space,   completely surrounded
  • Shared by a wide audience - can go viral in a matter of seconds
  • Bully can be anonymous
  • Harder to empathize with the target
  • No geographical limitations - world wide

What do I do if I am bullied online?

  1. Talk about it. Have your parents, teacher or an adult you trust help
  2. Never do it back
  3. Save the evidence
  4. Block the bullies
  5. Report it to the content provider
  6. Never pass along messages from a bully
  7. Call the police 519-570-9777 and make a report
  • It's OK not to like someone. It's not OK to bully them.
  • If you see something online that's meant to hurt someone, don't "like" or share it. Think about how you'd feel if someone did that to you.
  • If someone cyberbullies you, you may want to send a mean comment back, but it could make this worse. Instead, save the evidence and report it.
  • Being a good digital citizen means standing up for others. Take steps to help peers being cyberbullied (Ex: post nice comments, sit with them at lunch, report the harassment, etc.).

Never feel like you have to respond to a message. It is ok to not respond.

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