Hire a Paid Duty Officer

A group or organization planning a special event, which requires designated police assistance, are able to request Paid Duty officers to support their event. Before proceeding with your request, please review the details below: 

General Terms 

  1. Cancellation of paid duty requests must be be received and acknowledged 72 hours prior to the start time of the event. Cancellations received after this time will be subject to a three-hour minimum per officer assigned. 
  2. A 3-hour minimum charge per officer applies to all events. 
  3. At least one-week notice is requested when booking paid duty officers. Short notice requests are accepted however staffing availability varies and we are unable to guarantee fulfillment of a request. 
  4. Sergeants and Staff Sergeants are invited to apply to all paid duties and may be assigned in accordance with WRPS Policy and Procedure. This may result in higher fees. 
  5. Events must be held within the Region of Waterloo. 
  6. The number of officers required for the safe completion of an event is subject to assessment. Events where alcohol is sold or served require a minimum deployment of two officers.

Paid Duty Functions

Events which paid duty officers may be contracted for could include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Community Events
  • Concerts/Shows 
  • Sporting Events
  • School Events
  • Traffic Control
  • Parades
  • Festivals 
  • Wide Load Escorts
  • Funeral Escorts
  • Traffic Assistance for Film Shoots

New Customer Form

If this is your first time requesting paid duty assistance with the Waterloo Regional Police Service please fill out the new customer form below. Once completed please email the form to paiddutycoordinator@wrps.on.ca and then proceed to complete a paid duty request form. 

New Customer Form 

Paid Duty Request Form

When completing your request form it is important that you provide as much detail on officer responsibilities and expectations as possible so that we know how best to assist you.

If you do not have a billing account with the Region of Waterloo please complete the new customer process detailed above. 

Paid Duty Request Form

For current payment rates or any other questions and concerns, you are encouraged to contact the Paid Duty Coordinator at paiddutycoordinator@wrps.on.ca or call 519-570-9777 ext. 8629.



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