New Community Safety and Policing Act

On April 1, 2024, the Community Safety and Policing Act (CSPA) replaced the Police Services Act. The legislation made hundreds of changes to the way police services and their boards operate. Below is important information relating to complaints. 

Complaints about Special Constables

The CSPA introduced new legislation to guide police services for complaints about Special Constables. Complaints related to special constables employed by another institution must be submitted directly with that institution.

The Inspector General, Inspectorate of Policing and How to Make Public Complaints

The Inspector General of Policing is a new policing oversight body under Ontario’s Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019 (CSPA). The Inspector General is responsible for ensuring policing is delivered adequately and effectively across Ontario and that police board members are complying with the Code of Conduct. The Inspector General exercises independent compliance oversight focused on ensuring police services, police service boards and board members, and special constable employers are complying with requirements under the CSPA for policing and police governance.

The Inspector General of Policing is supported by the Inspectorate of Policing, a new organization comprised of professionals that are dedicated to driving improved performance in Ontario policing and police governance. Members of the public can file complaints with the Inspector General concerning adequate and effective police service delivery, or allegations of police board member misconduct.

Under Ontario’s new Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019 (CSPA), the Inspector General of Policing is responsible for:

  • Responding to public complaints, which can be filed at, concerning adequate and effective police service delivery and allegations of police board member misconduct;
  • Examining the performance of police services and boards through independent inspections, investigations, monitoring and advising;
  • Identifying effective performance and, where improvements are needed, using enforcement tools, including issuing directions and imposing measures to ensure compliance with the CSPA and its regulations;
  • Imposing measures to ensure the provision of adequate and effective policing or in cases of a policing emergency;
  • Conducting data analysis and research to promote evidence-based actions and improvements; and,
  • Publicly reporting on the activities of the Inspector General, including publishing all inspection reports and an annual report.

Complaint about the Chief or Deputy Chiefs

  • The CSPA introduced new legislation for Boards to receive complaints about the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chiefs of Police.

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